How To Deal With Annoying Relatives

Relatives are an indispensible part of our extended family. Without them, no occasion or get-together can be complete. However, some of them can really get on your nerves with their ever annoying nature.

These are some ways how you can actually deal with them.

#1 First and foremost, the best thing to do is to ask them to give you some “alone” time.

#2 You might very well get a social buffer who can actually handle these annoying relatives who act as a panel of critics.

#3 What else is better than annoying your irritating relatives by implementing the weapons of sarcasm and wit!

#4 Think in a broader perspective whether their annoyance actually matters to you or not.

#5 Don’t be too helpful or too welcoming around them.

#6 Be specific about your boundaries. You don’t need to entertain all those detective aunts or boastful cousins.

#7 Apart from most unavoidable circumstances never try to initiate a conversation with that nosy aunty or the cheek pulling uncle.

#8 If you cannot really pull away from them, your earphones will come to your rescue.

#9 Lastly, don’t keep competing against an annoying person. That is the utmost you can do.

What else are you waiting for? Next time when you have to face your annoying relative, keep these weapons ready!

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