Things We Will Never Let Our Parents Know

No matter how much close and friendly we are with our parents, there are certain things which we cannot confess to them. Well, sometimes enjoying life in little ways without causing any harm is good and all. So don’t beat yourself up for not letting that out in front of your parents.

These are some of the most common things which we often hide from our parents.

#1 We surely don’t prefer to let our parents know about the first time we got drunk at a friend’s party while still underage or experimented with weed.

#2 Remember the times when we got scolded by the teacher for cheating in an exam? Well, that surely won’t reach our parents’ ears, ever!

#3 The whole time that we spend on our phones or tablets pretending to study is actually spent on texting, flirting or chatting about stuff that we don’t want our parents to notice.

#4 Well, we all have been a victim to our guilty pleasures and curiosities about ‘porn’ and secretly watched them. We sure are not comfortable with our parents knowing about this.

#5 Never ever can we confess to our parents that they were right in that particular argument at the dinner table and that we were wrong!

#6 We can’t admit that we regretted not taking their advice when they warned about the person who was not right for us or to take the umbrella on that cloudy day. We act like we know it all and learn our lesson in the end!

#7 And those days when we bunked class or tuition to go to a movie or hang out with friends! We keep all such things from our parents.

#8 Even though we fight with our sibling a lot, we never let our parents know about our sibling’s secrets.

#9 I am sure that our parents will never know about the crazy things we do in parties.

 #10 Our parents will definitely not trust us anymore if they find out that we used that money we took in the name of study materials to spend with our friends.

#11 And that night when we told our parents that we were staying over at a friend’s place to study or do a project but actually spent the whole night having fun or partying. It will be a secret too!

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