14 Things All Vegetarians Can Gloat About!

Man evolved from a savage beast to a not so savage, homely type of being. But there is one thing that hasn’t changed much after all these years – his obsession with eating fellow animals. Yes, I am talking about the wide spread gap between the vegetarians, non-vegetarians, and the bunch of people who are in-between and call themselves eggitarians. Here is a list of things to keep you, vegetarians, motivated to keep eating plants and not livestock!

#1 No animal died to be your food!

#2 Say good bye to diseases.

#3 Don’t break a bone. Literally!

#4 You may live a little longer (about 13 years!)

#5 Be more ‘regular’. Constipation is rare.

#6 Reduce pollution. Environmental bonus!

#7 Save those extra bucks!

#8 Have a colourful, cheery platter.

#9 Loose those extra calories.

#10 Love thy animal.

#11 Help your karma get better.

#12 Veggies are healthier.

#13 No cow vs pig for you!

#14 Even Einstein agrees with you!

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Featured Image: Pexels

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