Signs That You Are in a Toxic Relationship

#1 You can never come to an agreement on any matter.

#2 You feel trapped.

#3 You often tend to lie to your partner and believe they are doing the same. Insecurity in the air!

#4 You don’t seem to progress anywhere in life.

#5 You often disrespect each other.

#6 You will argue over anything and everything.

#7 You both envy each other and are jealous of each other’s life. 

#8 Your morale and self-esteem goes down the drain.

#9 You feel that you are being played and taken for granted.

#10 You can’t do anything right and don’t plan anything for future.

#11 You find yourself thinking ” I’m not worthy of this. Don’t I deserve better than this?”

#12 You both cannot tolerate each other’s presence in public gatherings.

#13 You can’t stand someone appreciating your partner.

#14 You get possessive about your things instead of sharing it.

#15 Instead of supporting one another, you both point fingers at each other.

#16 You don’t correct but abuse each other.

#17 You both try to order each other around and control one another.

#18 Despite all the differences and knowing that it’s bad for you, you don’t end your relationship right away!

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