7 Animals Made Famous by the Internet

Even though they are not aware of it, animals are very much a part of the internet and are even ruling it. New animal stars keep popping up so often. Animals gaining fame and becoming celebrities has become a part of internet culture now. And it’s all thanks to social media. Here are some animals that made it big and are famous online.

The Grumpy Cat

This grumpy cat was originally named ‘Tardar Sauce’. Tard has been famous ever since 2012. She now has 1.9 million followers on Instagram. She’s called a grumpy cat mainly because of her expression caused due to feline dwarfism. The famous meme “I had fun once… It was awful” was a social media hit in 2012. Grumpy cat is also an actor and acted in motion pictures. She has been the official spokesperson of Friskies since 2013. She also got interviewed by Forbes magazine! Perhaps, this cat is a celebrity!


“My name is Boo. I am a dog. Life is good” is the description of a Facebook page which has over 17 million likes. Boo is considered the cutest dog. Yes. Even Wikipedia says that Boo’s occupation is “The World’s Cutest Dog”. According to his Facebook page, Boo loves wearing shirts and his favourite colour is pink. Boo has appeared on Good Morning America twice. 


Maru the cat is a YouTube sensation with over 300 million views. All the way from Japan, Maru is obsessed with cardboard boxes. Most of his videos and pictures are when he is in a box. Maru also appeared on Ellen DeGeneres show. 

Lil bub

This star has almost three million likes on Facebook. She became famous for her looks as she was the runt in her bunch of friends. Bridavsky, her owner, sells diverse merchandise and donates much of the money to animal rescue groups. A true hero indeed! Lil Bub appeared on TV shows, the cover of a magazine and is also a singer. She was also seen in a documentary called ‘Lil Bub and Friendz’ which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and won best feature film.


This cat from China was an internet sensation back in 2013. Known for his ringed tail, cuteness, and golden eyes Snoopybabe has 355,000 followers on Instagram.

Biddy the hedgehog

This spiky little African pygmy hedgehog has traveled places, won hearts and spread smiles. His little paws, his little nose, and his spikes were the interesting parts of him. Unfortunately, Biddy died of cancer leaving his 600,000 Instagram fans and many others shattered.

Sockington (a.k.a Sockamillion or Socks)

This famous cat was found outside a Boston subway station. Socks has 1.37 million followers on Twitter. He often gets suggested on Twitter in the users to follow list. This online sensation was named #1 in Parade Magazine’s list of pet social media sensations and was called a “Pet Power Player”.

Images: Pinterest

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